Shadow Hills

Shadow Hills

Sought-after by many for its large lots, easy walking and biking, mountain views, highly-rated nearby schools, and warm welcoming feel, Shadow Hills has long stood as one of Tucson's most highly sought-after destinations for buyers in all phases of life.  I'm proud to call Shadow Hills my home and, while I serve clients in all areas in and around Tucson, the sector of the market that I know the best is the one I live in.

Live listings on the Market in Shadow Hills

Why does Shadow Hills stand out?

Great schools ... large lots ... custom homes ... great mountain views ... easy walking and biking ... friendly neighbors ... low HOA dues ... close to conveniences ... the list goes on.

Shadow Hills features homes from Territorial burnt adobe and Santa Fe styles, to the Contemporary and Mediterranean, many of which have been added onto and improved over the decades. 

Recent SOLD listings in Shadow Hills

In 2021, MLS sales in Shadow Hills closed at a record average of over $788k -- that's up from $620k and $589k in 2020 and 2019 respectively.  A dramatic jump in realized values that have cemented Shadow Hills' status as one of the most sought after neighborhoods in Tucson. 

Shadow Hills' placement in the western Foothills make it a favorite both for professionals seeking an easy commute downtown, as well as anyone seeking the open, spacious feel of a sprawling neighborhood close to the arts, culture, and community activities available in town.

Neighbors buy and stay for the long term.  Year over year, the neighborhood only experiences about a 3 to 4% ownership turn over, and it's common to find that many neighbors have been living in--and loving--Shadow Hills for decades. 

Working with a specialist makes a difference

Not only do I live in Shadow Hills, but when I have the opportunity to serve a client in the neighborhood--be it a long-time neighbor who's finally decided to sell, or a buyer who's long hoped to live in Shadow Hills--I find I'm at my best.   

In 2021, I was blessed with the opportunity to list and sell 5 outstanding homes in the neighborhood, representing five awesome neighbors.  In each case, the listings earned multiple competing offers from excellent buyers, and closed well above their original list prices.  In each case, my local knowledge, proximity, and responsiveness were key.  And throughout the process, for each client, I was less than a mile away.

If you or a friend or family member are hoping to find a home in Shadow Hills, it helps to ask a neighbor first, as I am often asked to help find buyers for  properties before they come on the market.  Not every house that sells in Shadow Hills sells right away, but enough of them do sell quickly that just "waiting and watching" isn't enough, and it always benefits buyers to have an agent who knows the neighborhood looking for them.   

Feel free to reach out anytime, or just fill out the contact form below.  Even if it's just to chat about the market, what's going on around the neighborhood, or to talk about your plans for the future and what the market might hold for you, I look forward to talking.