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I find my highest worth to my clients is as an advisor, coach, and guide... and while there'll be plenty of opportunities for me to prove my value to you as an analyst, strong negotiator, and savvy marketer, what I take the most pride in is the feeling of having best represented my clients by connecting my professional service to their personal goals. Success isn't measured in numbers, it's measured in relationships.

Core Values:

Quality over Quantity

People over "Production"

Integrity, Service,


Uncompromising Ethics

Competence, Care and Professionalism don't emerge out of a vacuum. They're deeply rooted, long-term habits, in my case developed over 20+ years of professional experience, and not just in real estate -- "past lives" include service in Army Infantry and Ranger units and in service abroad as an intelligence collector.  

I'm honored by the recommendations of my past clients, and look forward to the opportunity to serve you on your journey.

"...Tom was simply amazing..."

"...a first rate pro..."

"...different than the other realtors..."

"...personable, professional and is on top of every detail..."

"The difference between Tom and other real estate agents we have used in the past—all competent—was that Tom exercised an extraordinary degree of care. One might call him a shepherd. It was as if ours were his own home he was selling."

"...went above and beyond any real estate agent that we have dealt with before..."

"...one of his biggest strengths was getting to know us and helping us prioritize what we were looking for..."

"...a great communicator..."

"...an incredible agent and person and you are in amazing hands..."

"...To say that Tom went above and beyond any expectation we might have had for a realtor is an understatement..."

"...Tom is the best man to have on your side. He always had our six. "

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